The hunt truly never has to end with the T/C Dimension, the all-in-one platform that's built on decades of interchangeability innovation to deliver the best balanced, highest performing, most versatile bolt-action rifle the world has ever known.

A True Game Changer

Choose a new, complete Dimension rifle in your favorite caliber, and begin a journey of limitless possibilities. Then by simply selecting and adding different barrels, you change the game completely, opening your hunts up to more calibers and new experiences.

See how the T/C Dimension bolt-action platform changes calibers, so you’ll be ready for any type of game wherever the hunt takes you.

Rifle of the Year

Not all hunting trophies have antlers. Thompson/Center's trophy case got even more crowded when the Dimension took home top honors from the National Rifle Association, earning the 2013 Golden Bullseye Award for Rifle of the Year. The word is out on this outstanding gun.

Affordable Performer

Every hunter likes shooting different guns. Buying different guns is a different matter. Heading to the field with the all-in-one platform Dimension is the most cost-effective way to set out on new and exciting hunts—and it's not even close.

Built Around Your Trigger Finger

The number of rifles a hunter owns doesn't define what kind of hunter he is, only how much money he's willing to part with. But the Dimension doesn't win solely on total cost. The Dimension hunter only has to familiarize himself with one trigger, regardless of the caliber he shoots or the game he's after. These aren't just accurate rifles. They make for more accurate shooters.

Leading the Pack

Thompson/Center's unique, world-famous 5R rifling delivers superior accuracy by causing less barrel fouling  and bullet deformation and giving greater bullet stability over multiple shots. And with an MOA (minute of angle) accuracy guarantee, every Dimension barrel is protected and accurate for the long haul.


It's easy to pack a single firearm that shoots multiple calibers. 

Barrel In. All Out.

It's when you bring home your second Dimension barrel that the fun really starts, and it doesn't take long. It's simple to transition between calibers and barrels — and it doesn't take most shooters two minutes to complete, thanks to the Locking Optimized Components (LOC) lettering system, which makes it clear which of the four caliber families you're about to join.


The Traveling Hunter

The T/C Dimension hunter is the traveling hunter, light on his feet from hunt to hunt, adapting to different hunts from season to season. With a simple barrel change, his trigger never changes, but his opportunities to experience new and exciting hunts do.

Predator hunter Les Johnson reviews the T/C Dimension.


Pro hunter Les Johnson from Predator Quest shares his experience with the Thompson/Center Dimension Bolt-Action Platform.

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