• T/C Dimension (Components)

    Bring every game of North America into play on your hunts with a T/C Dimension Bolt Action Platform. Changing the Dimension's components and caliber-specific barrels takes less than three minutes.

Key to the Dimension’s interchangeability is the Locking Optimized Components (LOC) System. The LOC System consists of a universal stock and receiver that accepts multiple barrels, magazine groups, bolts and bridge scope mounts, and are grouped into four Dimension Caliber Series (color coded and labeled A, B, C and D). Picking out the right LOC system at the store and assembling it at home is as easy as matching the bolt and magazine group to a barrel of the same series. LOC System stocks, receivers, bridge scope mounts and hand tools can be used with any of the Series components.

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How to build your custom DIMENSION:

Pick out the perfect Dimension for you in 3 easy steps.

  1. Choose a barrel package that's designed to fit the caliber you intend to shoot most. The magazine and parts are already included in the barrel package. Identify which of the four Series designations (labeled A, B, C or D) is on the package.
  2. Select a left-hand or right-hand bolt in the same Series.
  3. Choose the stock and receiver that matches the Series of the bolt and barrel.


  1. Choose a new barrel in the caliber you want and identify its Series.
  2. Choose a bolt in the same Series.
  3. Assemble with the stock and receiver of the same Series.


Rifle Barrels

Barrels fit all stocks and receivers, right or left-handed. Barrels come packaged with the correct magazine group (magazine and housing), and are stamped with series letters A, B, C or D to help you easily identify the correct magazine group and bolt required.

Caliber Item No. BBL Length Twist LOC Family
204 RUGER 60278109 22" 1:10" "A"
223 REM 60278111 22" 1:12" "A"
22-250 REM 60278100 22" 1:12" "B"
243 WIN 60278102 22" 1:10" "B"
6.5 Creedmoor 3007600 22" 1:8" "B"
7mm-08 REM 60278113 22" 1:9" "B"
308 WIN 60278104 22" 1:12" "B"
270 WIN 60278103 24" 1:10" "C"
30-06 SPRG 60278114 24" 1:10" "C"
7mm REM MAG 60278116 24" 1:9" "D"
300 WIN MAG 60278110 24" 1:10" "D"



Check the series letter A, B, C, or D on the barrel and match the bolt with the same letter on it, in right-hand or left-hand configuration.

Caliber Series Right Hand # Left Hand # Bolt "Family" & Description
"A" Family 8600 8603 Dimension Bolt Assembly 'A' - 204 RUGER, 223 REM
"B" Family 8601 8604 Dimension Bolt Assembly 'B' - 22-250 REM, 243 WIN, 7mm-08 REM, 308 WIN
"C" Family 8602 8605 Dimension Bolt Assembly 'C' - 270 WIN, 30-06 SRINGFIELD
"D" Family 8606 8607 Dimension Bolt Assembly 'D' - 7mm REM MAG, 300 WIN MAG



Receivers are universal, fitting all LOC components in either a right-hand or left-hand configuration. Weaver-style bases for mounting scopes are included. Receivers must be shipped to and sold by an FFL dealer. Contact your local Thompson/Center dealer to purchase this component.


High Cheek Piece

The specially designed high cheek piece makes shooting the Dimension feel even more natural, aligning your eye properly and evenly to the scope.

Adjustable Trigger

An accurate shot starts with a crisp trigger. Dimension's trigger can be adjusted from 3.5-5 pounds of trigger pull, depending on shooter preference.

Special Composite Stock

Removable stock spacers make for easy adjustments to the length of pull, and the Dimension also features a universal, free-floating barrel channel.


Each Interchangeable component is stamped with letter A, B, C or D and color coded in packages at firearm retailers. Match colors on packages to pick the correct components. In the field, match letters stamped on each component.

204 Ruger, 223 Rem (short bolt throw)

22-250 Rem*, 243 Win, 7mm-08 Rem, 308 Win (med bolt throw)

270 Win, 30-06 Sprg (long bolt throw - non-magnum)

7mm Rem Mag - 300 Win Mag (long bolt throw - magnum)

An unloaded weight of just seven pounds makes the Dimension even easier to bring into the field.

The Dimension's ArmorSoft coating on the stock adds one-of-a-kind durability and noise reduction.

With an MOA accuracy guarantee for every possible platform combination, the T/C Dimension represents affordable accuracy, consistency and value.

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