T/C Venture™ Rifles

Pressed into your shoulder for the important shots. Carried under your arm for the important moments. These are the T/C Venture bolt action-rifles, the most affordable accuracy for the most precise hunters.

More for your money T/C's best-selling bolt-action Venture

The bolt-action Venture features a 5R rifled precision barrel, adjustable 3.5-5 lbs. trigger, Hogue traction panels, corrosion resistant-coated bolt and guaranteed MOA accuracy—features unmatched by any other bolt-action rifle that sells for under $500.

Built to perform rain or shine

You never know where the hunt will take you, which is why Thompson/Center adopted its innovative Weather Shield® coating to endure the elements. Fifty times more corrosion resistant than stainless steel, Weather Shield locks out moisture and wear to ensure optimal performance over a lifetime of use and beyond.

5R Rifling leads to a better shot

Different from conventional 6-groove rifling, 5R rifling results in less deformation of the bullet jacket and a better gas seal. It causes less bullet upset and less barrel fouling, leading to a cleaner shot that you can count on hunt after hunt, year after year, with easier cleaning.

Accuracy you can count on with an MOA Guarantee

Out of the box, T/C Venture rifles are equipped with a minute of angle guarantee, meaning it will shoot a 3 shot group in an inch or less at 100 yards (with premium ammunition). Every gun is certified for accuracy and with an MOA guarantee, you know you have a gun you can rely on hunt after hunt, year after year. 

Get a grip on hunting

Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, but your head is cool. With Hogue raised traction panels on the T/C Venture, you don’t have to worry about missing the perfect shot. These innovative raised grips provide the stability needed to keep you on target in any weather conditions.

Now you see it Realtree® camo helps the Venture Predator blend in

Built to outsmart nature's toughest hunters, the T/C Venture Predator comes in Realtree® AP HD® Snow* and Realtree® Advantage HD MAX-1®* camouflage for optimal concealment, complete with the best-selling Venture's MOA guarantee.

T/C Venture leads in versatility

With 16 available calibers, the Venture’s ergonomic design makes it ideal for any hunt. From coyotes to deer, every Venture’s Hogue* traction panels, lightweight, durable frame construction and MOA accuracy guarantee make this truly a gun “for every season.”



I had been shooting the CVS and my wife bought...

I had been shooting the CVS and my wife bought me the T/C Triumph...

- Keith Smith, IL -

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