• The Venture Compact combines the best-selling features of the full-size Venture rifle, including guaranteed MOA accuracy and 5R rifling, in a package customized for small-stature or growing shooters. (Scope sold separately).

The perfect shot starts with a gun that fits perfectly. And for smaller, shorter or growing shooters the hunt for the perfect rifle stops with the T/C Venture Compact. The rifle offers the same guaranteed MOA accuracy of the full-size Venture rifle with a more ergonomic design for small-stature shooters — including a 12 ½” pull, 1” synthetic (included) spacer and butt pad and an adjustable trigger.

MSRP $ 537
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T/C Venture™ Compact Models

Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Rate of Twist Model # Name Image Caliber Finish/Stock Trigger Barrel Length Rate of Twist Capacity Length of Pull Overall Length Weight Sights Rifling Model # MSRP


1” Adjustable Spacer

With a 1” stock spacer included, the Venture Compact easily adjusts the length of pull from 12.5-13.5” depending on shooter preference.

Adjustable Trigger

An accurate shot starts with a crisp trigger. Venture’s trigger can be adjusted from 3.5-5 lbs of trigger pull, depending on shooter preference.

2 Position Safety

Just like the full-size bolt-action Venture, the Venture Compact's safety is simple and easy to operate.   

IN THE FIELD: Sizing your rifle for a comfortable fit

One size rifle doesn’t fit every hunter — and finding the right fit often means the difference between bagging a trophy and returning home empty-handed. A 1” spacer is always included with the Venture Compact to adjust the length of pull from 12.5” to 13.5” depending on shooter preference. To determine your length of pull, simply hold your hand in a position as if you were holding a pistol grip. Hold your fingers in a comfortable trigger position.

Let your arm hang at your side, then make a 90° angle between your elbow and bicep. Measure from your trigger finger to the inside of your elbow in a straight line. This measurement indicates your length of pull.

T/C’s 5R Rifling delivers superior accuracy by causing less bullet deformation, giving greater bullet stability over multiple shots.

Like a full-size Venture, the Venture Compact comes with an MOA accuracy guarantee for all available calibers.

T/C® Venture™ Owner's Manual

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