• The best-selling Thompson/Center Venture Predator features guaranteed MOA accuracy and two patterns of Realtree® camo for optimum concealment. (Scope sold separately).

  • Stealth in the snow starts with the best-selling Thompson/Center Venture Predator. Featuring Realtree® AP HD® SNOW* camo for concealment and guaranteed MOA accuracy, you can stay hidden and on-target.

When nature’s toughest predators become your prey, you can trust the lightweight T/C Venture Predator to give you the concealment, ruggedness, and accuracy you need to make the perfect shot. The T/C Venture Predator rifle is available in Realtree® Advantage HD Max-1® and Realtree® AP HD® Snow camo and features T/C’s MOA accuracy guarantee.


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T/C Venture™ Predator Models

Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Rate of Twist Model # Name Image Caliber Finish/Stock Trigger Barrel Length Rate of Twist Capacity Length of Pull Overall Length Weight Sights Rifling Model # MSRP


Realtree® Advantage HD MAX-1® & Realtree® AP HD® Snow*

When you go head-to-head with nature’s toughest predators, the Venture™ Predator offers complete concealment of the whole weapon with Realtree’s camo. Matching scopes available.

Comfortable and lightweight

The Venture Predator is a convenient “walking varminter” size, weighing in at an easy-to-carry 6.75 pounds.

Corrosion Resistant Coated Bolt

On a predator hunt, where a quick follow-up shot may be required, you can’t afford a difficult bolt that could cause a  missed opportunity. The corrosion resistant-coated bolt on the Venture rifle doesn’t require a break in period and always has a smooth action.

IN THE FIELD: Concealing your predator rifle and yourself

When you’re up against some of nature’s smartest hunters, concealment is always key—including taking time to conceal your weapon. Some hunters simply cover up distracting elements on their bolt-action rifles, but the Venture Predator is completely finished in Realtree® Advantage HD Max-1® or AP HD® Snow camo for advanced concealment.

On the day of the hunt, be sure to conceal your body, face and head. Place calls nearby so that you can use them without moving and keep your weapon close. If you do need to move, make slow, deliberate movements to avoid causing a disturbance.

T/C’s 5R rifling delivers superior accuracy by causing less bullet deformation, giving greater bullet stability over multiple shots.

With an MOA accuracy guarantee for all 16 available calibers, your Venture Predator is ready to take on predators from a distance.

T/C® Venture™ Owner's Manual

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