Compact Models

Fit matters. As powerful as their full-sized counterparts, Thompson/Center’s compact models bring smaller, shorter and growing shooters hunting rifles that are as accurate as they are comfortable to shoot.

Thompson Center Compact Rifles Options for small-stature shooters

T/C Venture™ Compact

This light, 6.75-pound rifle has a stock that is a full 1-inch shorter to ensure comfortable fit for smaller, shorter and growing shooters.  It also has a 20-inch precision barrel that features the Venture’s distinctive 5R rifling and MOA guarantee, making an accurate rifle that also fits comfortably.


Featuring a 1 inch removable spacer, the Thompson/Center Impact gives shooters the power of a muzzleloader with a more comfortable fit.


A leader in versatility, the Encore can be designed for small caliber shooting with a shortened Bantam stock — a good size for shooters who prefer a shorter length of pull.

Spacers give young shooters room to grow

Thompson/Center knows that the best shot comes from a gun that fits.  The Venture Compact, Impact, G2 Contender and Dimension® platform all come with removable spacers, giving shooters reliable guns that can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

Compact options for winter hunting

Your hunt doesn’t stop when the snow starts falling. If your rifle feels uncomfortable shooting while wearing bulky winter clothes, consider a compact rifle to shorten your length of pull and counter the weight of bulky clothes.

Limiting recoil for small shooters

For small-stature and growing shooters, recoil management plays a role in keeping their shot on target. Before selecting a hunting rifle, practice shooting several calibers and guns to find the right fit. Be sure to select a caliber that is suitable for the game you want to hunt, but is still comfortable enough to practice with.

T/C Venture™ Compact doesn’t sacrifice best-selling features

T/C doesn’t compromise features to make a smaller gun. The low-priced, best-selling features of the full-size Venture are still present in every Venture Compact, including its innovative 5R rifling and MOA guarantee.

Make hunting a family affair

Whether you’re putting dinner on the table or just enjoying time together outside, hunting with your family is a tradition that many people are keeping alive across the U.S. With T/C’s compact firearm options, you can be sure that every member of your family has a well-fitted firearm, including growing hunters.

When you have one shot, make it count

The T/C Impact isn’t your grandfather’s muzzleloader. With a sleek modern look, improved accuracy and optimum reliability, it combines the challenge of hunting with a muzzleloader with an adjustable spacer and other features that will keep your shot right on target.


Sizing a women’s rifle

At the end of the day, one size doesn’t fit everyone and no hunter needs to settle for an oversized hunting rifle that doesn’t fit right. Considering many women have a smaller frame and longer neck, a compact rifle is a good option to provide the lightweight, comfortable fit that leads to the perfect shot.

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