• The Encore Pro-Hunter frame used in the Katahdin is the same frame used in the interchangeable Encore/Pro Hunter system allowing any Encore barrel to be used on this frame.

The Encore Pro Hunter was originally developed for hunting moose in the thick cedar swamps of northern Maine. Its fast handling, compact design is ideal for hunting large game in the brush country. The combination of its 20 inch barrel, adjustable rear peep sight, and fiber-optic front sight teamed with hard-hitting caliber offerings of .500 S&W Magnum, .460 S&W Magnum and 45/70 Government clearly demonstrate its brush-busting capabilities. All of this in a 7 pound, 34.5 inch package that includes a recoil-taming Flex-Tech stock and Simms recoil pad, the Pro Hunter Katahdin handles and shoots as good as it looks.

MSRP $ 852
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T/C Encore® Pro Hunter™ Katahdin Carbine Models

Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Rate of Twist Model # Name Image Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Rate of Twist Capacity Length of Pull Overall Length Weight Sights Model # MSRP
45-70 GOVT Stainless/FlexTech 20" 1:20 28203993 Encore Pro Hunter Katahdin //tcarms.com/images/uploads/models/encore_pro_hunter_katahdinSM.png 45-70 GOVT Stainless/FlexTech 20" 1:20 Single Shot 14" 34.5" 7 lbs. PEEP 28203993 $852
460 S&W MAG Stainless/FlexTech 20" 1:16 28203996 Encore Pro Hunter Katahdin //tcarms.com/images/uploads/models/encore_pro_hunter_katahdinSM.png 460 S&W MAG Stainless/FlexTech 20" 1:16 Single Shot 14" 34.5" 7 lbs. PEEP 28203996 $852
500 S&W MAG Stainless/FlexTech 20" 1:20 28203998 Encore Pro Hunter Katahdin //tcarms.com/images/uploads/models/encore_pro_hunter_katahdinSM.png 500 S&W MAG Stainless/FlexTech 20" 1:20 Single Shot 14" 34.5" 7 lbs. PEEP 28203998 $852


28” Fluted Barrel

The fluting keeps the weight manageable for a medium-heavy diameter barrel and increases the firearm’s accuracy by increasing the stiffness of the barrel and increasing the barrel’s surface area and corresponding cooling rate.

Patented Swing Hammer

The ambidextrous rotating Swing Hammer can be offset to allow easy access to the hammer spur when the gun is scoped.

FlexTech Recoil Management

Featuring a patented recoil management system, the Encore® Pro Hunter Predator takes the bite out of muzzle rise and gives you optimum control in wet or dry conditions with an over molded pistol grip.

IN THE FIELD: Best concealment techniques for coyote hunting

Coyotes are some of nature’s smartest hunters, armed with a keen sense of smell and other superior senses. Outsmarting coyotes during the hunt starts with finding the right camouflage that matches your surroundings, then covering yourself head to toe. Be sure to cover your head and hands with a facemask, hat and gloves.

Station yourself in the shadows, where you can also hide from your keen-eyed prey. Cover shiny objects and when you need to move your hands to call or move binoculars, make slow, deliberate movements. If you’re using electronic calls, be sure to station them in easy reach to reduce movement. Any sudden movement could alert your prey.

Finished with Realtree® Advantage HD Max-1®* Camo, the Pro Hunter Predator helps you stay hidden from nature’s smartest hunters.

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