• The T/C® G2 CONTENDER® 50th Anniversary Model - Limited Edition 1-500. Comes with a walnut presentation case, engraved gold plated octagon barrel, engraved gold plated side plate left and right side.

  • With simple barrel interchangeability, time-proven long range accuracy and adaptability between rimfire and centerfire, the versatility of the G2 Contender is unmatched by any other interchangeable platform in the world. (Scope sold separately).

  • The original Contender set the standard for hunting handgun excellence. The G2 combines the all of the original Contender’s outstanding features with unmatched versatility, improved range and accuracy.

Since the first CONTENDER® pistol was made in 1967, it has been the choice of serious handgun hunters around the world. With versatility unequalled by any other Firearm System. And now the versatility of the G2 Contender® is unmatched by any other handgun in the world. From plinking and small game hunting with rim fire cartridges, to varmint and big game hunting with center fire rifle cartridges, the G2 Contender® continues to be the handgun of choice for those that pride themselves in wanting only the best.

G2 CONTENDER® Compatibility with old-style Contenders. The G2 CONTENDER® frame will accept all Contender® barrels and their corresponding forends (except the Herrett forend). Blued or stainless barrels are readily interchangeable.

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T/C G2 Contender® Complete Pistol and Rifle System Models

Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Rate of Twist Model # Optics Name Image Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Rate of Twist Capacity Length of Pull Overall Length Weight Sights Model # MSRP
.22 LR Blued/Walnut 12" 1:15 05122702 ADJ. G2 Pistol 12” .22LR //tcarms.com/images/uploads/models/TC_G2Contender_Pistol.png .22 LR Blued/Walnut 12" 1:15 Single Shot N/A 15.5" 3.5 lbs. ADJ. 05122702 $729
.357 Mag Blued/Walnut 12" 1:14 05122706 ADJ. G2 Pistol 12” .357 Magnum //tcarms.com/images/uploads/models/TC_G2Contender_Pistol.png .357 Mag Blued/Walnut 12" 1:14 Single Shot N/A 15.5" 3.5 lbs. ADJ. 05122706 $729
30-30 WIN Blued/Walnut 23" 1:10 18761243 None G2 Rifle 23” .30-30 Win //tcarms.com/images/uploads/models/TC_G2Contender_Rifle.png 30-30 WIN Blued/Walnut 23" 1:10 Single Shot 14" 36.75" 5.5 lbs. None 18761243 $769
.22 LR Blued/Walnut 10" 1:15 12029 ADJ. G2 50th Anniversary Pistol 10” .22LR //tcarms.com/images/uploads/models/TC_50thAnnivG2Contender_Pistol.png .22 LR Blued/Walnut 10" 1:15 Single Shot N/A 13.5" 2.75 lbs. ADJ. 12029 $1,400


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